Transitions Professional Center | Psychologists | Portland, Oregon

Transitions Professional Center, LLC is an organization of psychologists and doctoral-level psychology trainees located in Portland, Oregon. We serve adults with serious, life-limiting medical illness, life-threatening illness, caregivers and those who are bereaved. Our office is in the process of relocating. Please be patient with us as we make this change during already challenging times.

We are currently accepting new patients for virtual visits only. When we are able to safely re-open for in person visits in our new location, we will update our information and reach out to our current patients and referral sources.

Psychology services include clinical treatment, education, and consultation.

Our Clients

Many of our clients are facing significant life changes and ongoing adjustment due to illness, acquired or traumatic injury, aging, functional losses and/or disability. Others are facing potentially terminal illness or are bereaved. They seek our services after a new diagnosis or injury, or at a later point as they continue adjusting to changing life circumstances, or as they are receiving curative and/or palliative care treatment. Our clients are also friends and family members of one who is confronted with serious or terminal illness or injury, or friends and family of one who has passed away after a long journey or sudden death. Some are dealing with multiple losses. Our clients are diverse with respect to age, ethnic background, religious views, and sexual orientation.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on emphasizing compassion and dignity for people living with serious medical illness with the overall goal of improving quality of life and living a life of meaning under changed or changing circumstances. Our philosophy is extended to family and friends who care for and support their loved ones or who continue on in life after loss.