Q: What do I do if I am unable to get my pet to my veterinarian?

A: There are several mobile veterinarians that will care for your pet at your home. Here are few of our outstanding Portland veterinarians that offer examinations, vaccines, as well as diagnostic evaluations and treatment intervention. We suggest calling them to find out additional details.

Matthew Marasco, DVM serves the Portland and surrounding areas by bike
Marianne Martin, DVM, CVA serves Portland and surrounding areas and provides acupuncture
Louise Mesher, DVM serves Portland area and surrounding areas and specializes in palliative care

Q: I was diagnosed with a terminal illness and I would like to plan for my pet to be placed in the best home possible after I pass away. Where do I turn?

A: Transitions Professional Center teams up with  Matthew Marasco, DVM to assist owners to assist owners to find the best match for their best friends. Sometimes the best option is to inform rescue organizations of an animal in need. Sometimes we use social media and mass emails to find available homes. Ultimately, the owner makes the final decision of where the pet should go. We know that this is a challenging task and attempt to assist with this through networking.

Q: I am interested in adopting a pet that needs a home. How do I find out more information?

We will not have any pets in our possession, yet we may know of individuals looking to adopt their beloved best friends. Please call Transitions Professional Center to inquire.


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