Transitions Professional Center and Patient & Family Support Services of the
OHSU Knight Cancer Institute Are Pleased to Announce our 2018 Keynote Speaker


FRANK OSTASESKI – Author of The Five Invitations

Inviting the Wisdom of Death Into Life

Death is not waiting for us at the end of a long road. Death is always with us, in the marrow of every passing moment. She is the secret teacher hiding in plain sight, helping us to discover what matters most. And the good news is we don’t have to wait until the end of our lives to realize the wisdom that death has to offer.

We can harness the awareness of death to appreciate the fact that we are alive, to encourage self-exploration, to clarify our values, to find meaning, and to generate positive action. It is the impermanence of life that gives us perspective. As we come in contact with life’s precarious nature, we also come to appreciate its preciousness. Then we don’t want to waste a minute. We want to enter our lives fully and use them in a responsible way. Death is a good companion on the road to living well and dying without regret.

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About Our Work:

Palliative care is patient and family-centered care for patients with life-threatening, life-limiting, or terminal illness that optimizes quality of life by anticipating, preventing, and treating suffering. Palliative care throughout the continuum of illness involves addressing physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual needs, and facilitating patient autonomy, access to information, and choice. Allied health care and medical professionals who attend this conference will have the opportunity to learn from and network with providers, researchers, and educators in the field of palliative care.

Conference Objectives:

To provide a forum for allied health care and medical professionals to contribute knowledge in the realms of palliative care theory, research, assessment, and treatment.

Specifically, learning objectives include:

1. Identifying ways to incorporate palliative care practices early in the care of patients with life-limiting, life-threatening, or terminal illness.

2. Understand best practices for collaboration across a wide variety of professional fields.

3. Learn new and innovative ways of preserving dignity within palliative care.

Target Audiences:

Allied health care, medical professionals and trainees, including social workers, clinical psychologists, nurses, physicians, chaplains and other spiritual leaders, neuropsychologists, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, art therapists, music therapists, and recreational therapists, as well as other professionals who want to broaden their knowledge in the area of palliative care.

Continuing Education:

Continuing education credits will be offered to those interested. We are NOT able to offer MD CME’s in 2018. Fees and other information on the Registration Page.

In an attempt to reduce costs and paper usage we WILL NOT have slides and handouts printed or available on the day of the conference. We WILL add a link to the slides for all that wish to make them public. These link will be on our speaker page next to the speakers name.

Due to numerous requests, we WILL have a printed handout of our schedule available the day of the conference.

Questions, contact Emily Vierck, Office Manager at 503-972-7090


We would like to thank Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon for their continued support of our conference.

Health care that’s patient-centered, family-oriented and compassionate is especially important for members going through treatment for a serious illness. Since 2014, the Personalized Care Support program has support Regence members, their families and caregivers in Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Utah with the industry’s most comprehensive patient-directed palliative care program.

As part of a family of health plans serving members for 100 years, Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon has been a symbol of strength, stability and partnership in local communities. That’s why we’re proud to sponsor Transitions Professional Center & Patient and Family Support Services of the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute’s 4th Annual Palliative Care Conference.